Take note! Evernote, free organizational tool

After having seen many writers/authors discuss the importance of note-taking, I was so pleased to stumble upon this free application which allows you to make notes (even from your phone)and store them in different notebooks.
Evernote links up through Twitter and possibly Facebook too, if you like, so it will store all status updates and tweets and you can easily sort them into specific notebooks. Very convenient.

I am thinking of all the times I am out walking, and have a thought… a gem of an idea really… and have nothing to jot it down with. It’s seems to me it is a good solution, and well worth checking out if you need a bit more organization in your life.


One comment on “Take note! Evernote, free organizational tool

  1. I am not sure why the title of this post didn’t come through when I originally posted it, but I have corrected it now. My apologies to those who received the “169” email, and thought “what the…?”

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