My Character keeps interrupting!

The paranormal novel I am working on, Lineage (working title), has me so intrigued and enamored with it. I am really enjoying sitting within it and writing it out, exploring my characters and shaping them.
There is just one problem. One of my characters keeps interrupting me. I will be happily typing along, describing a scene with great intensity, when suddenly Michael will start telling me about a conversation he will have with my main character. Just like that. Out of the blue.

I open a new notepad window, and let him talk. Let them talk really, as she does answer back, but this is clearly coming from him. And he is so funny, I just have to let him continue.
When he’s done, I am left with the challenge of fitting the conversation in to the storyline at some point, which isn’t very difficult because his conversations always offer key pieces to my plot puzzle.
This is a new experience for me, and one I am quite enjoying. I am sure that there are other writers out there who have similar stories to share, and would love to hear about it.
Hmm… I don’t have to write Michael in as co-author, do I?


4 comments on “My Character keeps interrupting!

  1. Darine says:

    I’d offer him a by-line…
    Sounds like you are having fun in your exploration of your new self!
    Love to both of you!

  2. Hello Michelle,

    Michael seems a very persistent and interesting character!

    I wonder if you yourself haven’t had some paranormal experiences?

    Wish you great success in your writing.

    Preetinder Dhillon

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