Free Online Writers Conference

What an amazing opportunity!

Early this morning, just after I stumbled out of bed, decaffeinated and bleary-eyed I sat down in front of the computer.  You know, the one I borrowed since the untimely demise of my own – may she rest in peace.  Oh yes, and after I filled a fresh cup of java and took that first exhilarating sip.  And after reading and enjoying the Great Potato Hunt of 2010 (see Lisa’s blog here).

Anyway, after settling in to track what the tweeters were up to today, I find myself on The Adventures in Children’s Publishing blog, ruefully looking over the events I am unable to attend.  Suddenly, I spy a link.  It must have been written just for me!
It says: And if you’re unable to attend and feeling blue, check out WriteOnCon!
Lo and behold it is an online writers conference for kidlit writers on Tuesday – Thursday, August 10 – 12, 2010

The best part is… it’s free! Registration is simple and filling out the profile takes only a few minutes.

I am so happy that I stumbled upon this, very excited about the upcoming conference, and really hope some of you will help spread the word!


6 comments on “Free Online Writers Conference

  1. Lisa says:

    Michelle, thank you for linking to my “Great Potato Hunt of 2010”! 🙂

    I only recently joined SCBWI, so I also really appreciate the link to the Adventures in Children’s Publishing Blog. Great info!

  2. That’s great! So glad we could direct you to WriteOnCon. There are so many big names involved and it’s free! If you go back to our post for Monday, June 21st, we have more information on WriteOnCon 🙂

    Yay! Thanks for stopping by our blog!

    • You’re very welcome Marissa. Thank you for having such a great blog, and I am always glad to pass on great sites like yours for other writers. I will be sure to check out the June 21st post too!

  3. Wasn’t that an amazing thing that Casey, Elana and the others put together for writers? Marissa and I are looking forward to attending WriteOnCon!


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