Out of this world

Last night was memoir class night, and it was a particularly good one. There were a number of absentees. As a result, the discussion felt like it was not only more intimate, but on a higher level. I left feeling good about the class, and more importantly like I was going to go home and write.

I had a buzz of ideas floating through my head and couldn’t wait to get home to start getting them on ‘paper’.

One step out of the car changed all that.

There, on the doorstep, was a giant moth. This thing was the size of the palm of my hand, or a small bat. I froze. I have a somewhat irrational fear of things that might fly directly at me – and this thing was huge.

Giant Luna MothDon’t get me wrong, it was incredibly beautiful. Magnificent. Angelic white wings, with the slightest hue of pale green, framed by vibrant purple piping. It’s fuzzy purple legs and huge antennae added to the ‘alien’ feel. It looked so soft, it would have tempted me to reach out a hand and pet it – if I wasn’t so terrified that it might suddenly fly directly at me.

I had never seen a moth this big, and it was so unlike anything I had ever seen in nature, I briefly pondered the possibility that it could have come from another planet. Either that or it got into the Miracle Grow I fed my tomato plants.

I managed to get a picture of it, and Googled it, and found it is not an alien, nor is it taking a magic elixir of growth hormones. It is a Luna Moth. They live for less than a week. How lucky am I to have glimpsed such an amazing moment in the cycle of nature?

I went out first thing this morning to see if it was still there. It has moved from the step, and is now hanging on the railing, another luna moth clinging to its back. Well, I chuckle to myself, if I only had six days to live, that is very likely how I would want to spend my time too.

Later, I will sit down to write all those wonderful ideas from yesterday.  But for now, I will sit in awe, reflecting upon the messages this fluffy moth brings.


3 comments on “Out of this world

  1. akoss (from CC) says:

    This is interesting. It makes you reflect on how short life is and it is up to us to live it beautifuly before it ends.

  2. Thank you for coming by and commenting akoss. It really was something that sent me into a reflective state for many days. I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful example of noticing and attending to small things in life! I love writers. 🙂 Thank you.

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