Opening Line

In my effort to hone my skills, I have read everything I can find about the craft of writing. One of the things that has ferreted out a place in my mind is how important it is to write a great opening line. I have had some fun going to local bookstores and opening the bestsellers, just to read the first sentence. Those perfect hooks, that not only snagged an agent’s attention, but a publishing house and many readers as well.

We all struggle at times to keep our creativity flowing, and I thought it would be a fun exercise to write one ‘great’ opening line every day. This has not only made me think that perhaps I should consider writing murder/mystery, but has also been a great tool to spark my imagination, and challenge me to write something bold or even shocking.

My opening line for today:

He watched his long shadow fall over her corpse and laughed. The damned gypsy didn’t foretell that one.

Yes, it’s actually two lines, but writing that made me want to write the rest, just so I could see what happens.

How about you? What are the exercises you use to open the path to creativity? And what are some opening lines you have written that just make you want to keep writing to see what happens?


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