First piece being published!

I went to a reading on Thursday night for The Muse, where I take a memoir writing class.  My instructor, Tom Robotham, gave me a beautiful introduction, and I read an excerpt from the memoir I am working on, titled M.o.M. – Memories of Madness.

The audience was wonderful. They gasped when I shocked them, snickered when I amused them, held their breath when I engaged them in the story, and when I finished and looked up from the podium, I saw mouths hanging open, and heard applause erupt so loudly I blushed. Continue reading


An Estate Sale to Remember

In my search for books, I have hit many yards sales and flea markets. I have also gone to estate sales, and the writer in me walks through those wide-eyed, with the mental notebook scribbling away so fast, I can almost hear the scratching of the pencil on the paper. One of these estate sales has stuck out in my mind, so I thought I would take you with me as I walk through my glimpse into a woman’s life. Continue reading