3 Favorite Subscriptions

I don’t like cluttering up my inbox with junk mail. I don’t think anyone does. But there are some great writing resources out there to be had. Some of them post every morning, so I wake to a new writing tip daily. I like to poke around the internet and find new information, and learn from all those who have gone before, but I also like to have the information coming directly to me.

You never know when you’ll find that perfect gem! Here are my top 3:

1./ Fuel Your Writing – The site has everything from author interviews to grammar tips. Do yourself a favor and real back through the archives. Straightforward and informative.

2./ Daily Writing Tips – I find this site focuses on grammar subtleties a lot, but is always interesting, and has had some wonderful tidbits. They have a comprehensive list of topics on the left side of the page. Don’t be afraid to dig around.

3./ Storyfix – Now, this one has a bit of sales pitching by the writer, but not offensively so, and he has a lot of great insights to share. Definitely worth the subscription.

What are your top 3? Care to share?


3 comments on “3 Favorite Subscriptions

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I too subscribe to Storyfix and Fuel Your Writing. I’d also add

    They offer across the board posts on writing help and if you don’t come by the crime knowledge by way of career, as I do not 🙂 the forensics blog is a wonderful resource! Thanks!


  2. How about the 3 I’d like to stop subscribing to instead?
    Thanks for the tips.

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