Postpartum Blues – Author Style

There must be some sort of link. A massive rush of endorphins on the day of launch (delivery) and then the subsequent crash (baby blues).The day following my launch I was a zombie, and the day after that my mind raced with all the things I needed to get done.

  • Call every local bookstore within a 200 mile radius and try to book a signing – check.
  • Autograph and mail out all the pre-orders – check.
  • Contact everyone who attended the launch and thank them – working on it.

There are a lot more items on that list, but even as I happily work my way through it, I have this twinge of melancholy. Even though every book store I have contacted thus far has been receptive and helpful, and I am overjoyed every time I add another to my (rapidly filling) calendar, I am sad.

But it’s okay! Because I know the cure.

Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

Feel free to share this piece of advice with any new authors (and/or mothers!) that you know. You will help them immeasurably!


6 comments on “Postpartum Blues – Author Style

  1. tammierue says:

    I am so relieved to hear you say this…..I have been chastising myself for feeling “blue”……

  2. Jennifer says:

    Good advice, as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

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