I Thriller….A Writer’s Blog: My guest post!

I am over at Stacey Donaghy’s blog, I Thriller… A Writer’s Blog today, guest blogging about character development, and a technique I used to create of my characters Sawyer and Pryce for The Footloose Killer.

Head on over and check it out! And leave a comment – we’d love to hear more techniques that have worked for you with your characters!

Here’s a sneak peek of my post:

We are all conflicted. It is the essence of human nature. If our characters in our stories aren’t, they will fall short for our readers.
For example, we want our heroes to be good. But how can we connect with a good person who isn’t fully rounded and three-dimensional? We connect when we understand their motives, their internal conflicts. Superman was the epitome of the charitable character, but his love for Lois Lane kept pushing him to make bad decisions for the Earth he had sworn to protect. Spiderman, trying to protect his city, became consumed by wrath after the murder of his uncle.
The same applies to our characters in our novels.
Among the techniques I use to add depth to my characters are two lists. The Seven Deadly Sins is the first.
Sins (in no particular order):
1.      Greed – This could be many things. Excessive desire for money, material goods, women/men, friends, etc.
2.      Wrath – Was it the loss of a loved one driving the need for revenge? A partner or spouse cheating? Did a friend or co-worker stab your character in the back (literally or figuratively) to further themselves? Did someone harm your character’s child? Their car?

3.      Lust – This one seems self-explanatory, but can be used in different ways. Lusting after something or someone in a way that affects the character’s decisions is something that most readers can relate to because we all do this at some point. An author needs to define what the object of lust is and why the character seeks it. Is it money, power, or another person? Though similar to greed, which might turn someone into a hoarder, I think of lust as more of an uncontrollable desire, which might turn someone into a stalker, or a killer.

To read the rest, head over to I Thriller….A Writer’s Blog following this link!

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  1. maybe it’s me, but I can’t get to I thriller from here. It says to follow the link, but it doesn’t work for me.

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