Supernatural Sundays

I’ve been so busy with Corvisiero Literary Agency, moving, working out travel plans, attending conferences, workshops, editing and such that I haven’t had much time to write.

But what I have managed to squeeze in are some new posts for our new blog New Stories, Old Book. I have taken on the regular Sunday posts which will revolve around the TV show Supernatural.

Here’s a peek at the first post:

Supernatural isn’t the first show to fictionalize certain biblical themes and characters, but I think it certainly has the largest fan base.

I was hooked from the pilot – and had no idea it was going to turn into biblical fanfic. It wasn’t just because Sam and Dean are so… easy to look at either.

See more here.

The second went up yesterday, and touches on the brother’s relationship. You can read that one here.

We’d love it if you followed the blog, and joined the almost 5,000 fans. See you there!


One comment on “Supernatural Sundays

  1. I look forward to Supernatural Sundays 🙂 So excited about the blog and all the posts so far 🙂

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