Auction Item #2 – Query & 10 pages critique by Michelle Johnson

Michelle L. JohnsonThis one is straight from me – query and 10 pages for critique. Since most of our agents have donated this, it would be advisable to look through our website (here) and see which agent most suits your genre, then bid on that one.

For information about the auction, see the original post here.

And don’t forget to leave your bid in the comments!


14 comments on “Auction Item #2 – Query & 10 pages critique by Michelle Johnson

  1. I bid $50. Kevin James Breaux

  2. […] Query & 10 pages critique by Michelle Johnson. Bid HERE. […]

  3. I raise my bid to $60. Kevin James Breaux.

  4. Linda Cookingham says:

    $65. Linda Cookingham

  5. gervaisbooks says:

    Good evening Mrs. Johnson,

    I had the pleasure to meet you at the 2012 ThrillerFest, when you requested to see my full manuscript. I finally sent it to you this week following the completion of the final editing round. It is too bad the SCWW dipped in the red in 2012. I’ve never attended this conference but I’m sure many authors benefited from it. I congratulate you and your colleagues for volunteering your time. I’m confident the SCWW Board of Directors appreciates it as well.

    So… because it’s for a good cause, let’s raise the antes, shall we? My bid is 100$.

    Best regards,

    Simon Gervais

  6. Amy Blunt says:

    Oops – make that $80

  7. On behalf of Simon Gervias who was unable to post due to a computer glitch, $150.

  8. Simon sent in a bid of $175 at 30 seconds to midnight.

  9. gervaisbooks says:

    Thanks for your help Michelle. Greatly appreciated!

    • I just found all your comments in the spam file, Simon! I un-spammed you so hopefully, if you ever comment again, it will post straight through to the page. I am so sorry about all the trouble, and thanks again for the generous donations!

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