Auction Item #4 – Query & 10 pages Critique by Brittany Howard

brittany-howard-literary-agent-150x206The awesome Brittany Howard has donated a Query & 10 pages Critique!

For information about the auction, see the original post here.

Please leave bids in comments. Thank you!


16 comments on “Auction Item #4 – Query & 10 pages Critique by Brittany Howard

  1. I bid $50. Kevin James Breaux

  2. […] Query & 10 pages critique by Brittany Howard. Bid HERE. […]

  3. Marilyn Benner says:

    $ 55

  4. Kareasa m mcelwain says:

    Is there a starting bid? Oh I see. 70? How about 75?

  5. Sorry Soulborn, the auction was officially closed at 12:00 am EST!

  6. Gail Tiffany says:

    Well, if you still need to raise money for the SCWW, I’m still happy to bid! Thanks, Gail Tiffany

  7. Gail, The answer is yes but let’s move the discussion to the SCWW Facebook page at so we don’t impose too much on the generosity of our friends at Corvisiero.

    • Gail Tiffany says:

      I was going to try and post something to the FB page but it did not give me the option. Do I need to officially join the group before I can comment? BTW, my connection with this group is through Beth Browne.

  8. Amanda Bramley says:

    Wish I could bid. Strict teacher and cop salary.

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