Auction Item #18 – Personalized Poem by Arlene Lagos

Arlene LagosAuthor and Poet, Arlene Lagos has been writing for over 20 years. She started writing poetry at the young age of 10. By age 17, she had her first poem, “Revolution” published in the International Society of Poets Anthology, “River of Dreams”. Since then, she has spent many years hosting tables at different venues giving others the chance to honor their life stories and memories in a framed personalized poem.

Maybe it’s a memory of your honeymoon, or a first date? Perhaps you would like a poem to give to a child going off to college, or to a parent or a friend who has helped you through a difficult time?  Bid on this item and if you win, Arlene Lagos will speak with you online or over the phone to get as much detail as possible to make this personalized poem something you can frame on your wall, or even pass down through generations.

Here are some samples:

For information about the auction, see the original post here.

Please leave bids in comments. Thank you!


3 comments on “Auction Item #18 – Personalized Poem by Arlene Lagos

  1. […] Personalized Poem by Arlene Lagos. Bid HERE. […]

  2. On behalf of my cousin Sandy, whose faith in the goodness of mankind was recently tested, I bid $25.

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