Corvisiero Agency and Friends SCWW Auction Results

SCWWI am blown away again by the generosity of the SCWW members who both donated and bid on this auction!

Together we raised $1,588 for the SCWW! Over the next few days I will be collecting the money and getting information to the donors. In the mean time, here’s a slideshow of the awesome people who generously donated their time, their items, or their services. (Okay, so Charlize and Miramax really didn’t donate, it was a Miramax script and it did have Charlize’s signature on it!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 comments on “Corvisiero Agency and Friends SCWW Auction Results

  1. alysbcohen says:

    Great job! My brain is a day behind, so I didn’t place a couple last bids. The review I wanted most I ended up passing on because it just didn’t feel ethical to put an agent in the position of having to read twice as many pages as the submission guidelines since I did decide to query with her.

    Is there going to be another auction at some point? I’m a sucker for charity and good causes.

  2. So happy to have participated! Can’t wait to get my signed books… ;-))

  3. Robin Olson says:

    Thank you so much for all those who donated to help support the South Carolina Writers Workshop. I attended last October for the first time. I’ve been to several and I must say that SCWW is the BEST writers conference I’ve ever been to.

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