Our “rape culture” and how to change it.

This needs to stopNo, there is nothing magical or beautiful about that title. And the magic will only come with the change. I have posted many things about this topic, reposted many pictures and voiced my outrage many times.

This is a personal subject to me, as I know it is to millions. If you haven’t been affected by rape at some point in your life, you love someone who has, I guarantee it. But we keep teaching the wrong thing to the wrong set of people. Teaching our girls they have to live in fear, they have to be sure they don’t dress a certain way or speak a certain way or drink at a party… this does nothing if we don’t teach our boys. And “no means no” is NOT good enough. Just ask her:

Innocent victims

The message needs to be “Only YES means YES” and it needs to be taught to our boys and girls alike.

I found this post today, written by Rebecca Yarros – a superhero –  and it had me reduced to tears in minutes. Oh, if only all the moms in all the world would write this letter to their children.

Please read this post, and please share it. This is important. This is important right now.

Rebbeca’s post: “Dear boys, we protect those who are smaller.”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, I would love it even more if you shared Rebecca’s post with the world.