Author-Agent Pitch Sessions

In a week and a half I will be in Surrey, BC at the SiCW, taking pitches most of the conference, and hanging out with all the awesome authors. Before I get there, there’s something I would like to share with all you authors out there.

For most, sitting down to pitch a book to an agent is like sitting down in front of a fire-breathing dragon who may, after hearing your idea, open their mouths and unleash a ball of fiery doom on your brilliance, reducing it to cinders and soot. Dragon-Breaths-Fire-In-The-Game-Of-Thrones-Gif

It’s terrifying, and very few authors are able to sit down and feel even remotely comfortable. But there’s something authors need to remember about agents, and it will make your pitch session pretty simple once you wrap your head around it.


Are you ready for this? Okay. Here it is…

We’re just people.


No really, it’s the truth. Human beings just like the rest of you. Add to that the fact that we have a lot in common with authors. Some of us (like me) are actually authors, too. But all of us love stories.


I’ve always said that one of my favorite parts of being an agent is sitting across from an author and listening to them tell me about the think that makes their eyes sparkle.


So put away the fear, and come sit and chat, because we love stories, and we love to talk about all things book related – the process, the journey, the options. Of course, if it’s me and it’s 7am and you don’t see a coffee in my hand… well, then maybe you should be a teensy bit afraid.

Not a monster





11 comments on “Author-Agent Pitch Sessions

  1. Good to know about the coffee. Guess that’s why an agent suggested meeting him in a coffee shop. πŸ˜‰

  2. After going to my first conference (#DFWCon) back in May, I can believe this a little more easily. It was a wonderful experience and most of the agents were just lovely, yourself included, Michelle. πŸ˜‰

  3. Michelle, you were absolutely wonderful to pitch to. Gracious and friendly and not at all like a fire-breathing dragon. πŸ˜‰

    Nearly all of the agents I’ve ever pitched to (three conferences in the last year) have been exceptionally nice people, as have been the editors I’ve worked with. Scary though they may seem at first, I think it’s really just that agents are the manifestation of the process. The process is intimidating, no doubt about that, but the agents are just people inside it, like authors are, and they aren’t the scary part.

  4. Well thank you Angelique! It is really awesome that you are going to so many conferences too! They are always such a great opportunity for insight!

  5. alysbcohen says:

    Mmmmm, coffee. I need some.

    With a later book outside of the Sacred Blood trilogy I may do some pitching. Other ideas are digging their way through my brain. If you’re one I pitch to in person, I’ll arrive beating coffee. πŸ™‚

    Any chance you’ll appear at any conferences in the Portland/Vancouver area?

  6. I’m so glad I found this post. I will be attending my first conference next year in Dallas and San Antonio.

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