Guest Post: ‘Good Vs Evil’ by Michelle L. Johnson

Draumr Kópa

Michelle JohnsonGood vs. Evil is a common theme in fiction. After all, without it where would all of our beloved superhero stories be, from Superman to Batman? The inner struggle of those characters, the good vs. evil within themselves, is a large part of what makes them interesting.

In my novel DIVINITY, though, don’t assume that the traditional good vs. evil, angel vs. evil, rules apply. They don’t.
Every character – angel, human, and even the terrifying A’nwel – has an agenda. They each have a role to play, and a purpose that guides their actions.

When our main character Julia discovers that she is half-human and half Archangel, her agenda is to simply understand who she is, to learn about her family, and to understand how to use her own unique powers. Her agenda quickly converges with those of the Archangels, each of whom have their own sense of who…

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One comment on “Guest Post: ‘Good Vs Evil’ by Michelle L. Johnson

  1. Hi, Michelle! I pre-ordered Divinity today and can’t wait to read it. I’ve been looking forward to this a long time! Loved your chessboard analogy for writing in different POVs. It makes sense and sounds like it would help when writing from different characters’ perspectives, especially antagonists. Hope all is going well for you and Inklings!

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