Effective blogging targeted at authors

I found this post by Neal Martin to be particularly well done for a blog post aimed at authors. Firstly, it has a title that quickly lets you know that you are going to get the “top 3” social media sites for authors. Of course those top three are only the author of the blog’s opinion, but it makes for a good headline that I’m sure will lead to a lot of clicks, particularly for new authors who are trying to figure out how best to spend their online time.

HeadlineI liked the layout of the post, for all the titles and subtitles helps skimmers get to the place they are looking for in the article. I thought the explanations regarding why authors need social media were well articulated and good, solid reasoning.

As for the three best platforms the blogger chose… well, I think that everyone’s opinion on that will vary, as different platforms will work for different people, but he did do a good job of explaining why he chose the ones he chose.

Check out the actual post here: http://www.npmartin.com/3-best-social-media-sites-authors/

10 comments on “Effective blogging targeted at authors

  1. aloadl310 says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Great post! I agree that headlines play an important in attracting visitors towards site.

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Thanks for linking to this article; it was really interesting! Social media can be such a challenge.

    • Thank you! I find the posting on all platforms the most difficult to maintain. I’m good with keeping up with one or two. But blogging regularly is the toughest for me (as you can tell).

      • It’s all hard to keep up with, I think. I’m much better at it during the summer, though, when I’m not also teaching.

        Do you or does anyone else you’ve known or worked with have any experience with tsū? I was intrigued by that one he mentioned but don’t know anyone who’s used it.

      • Oh yes, I loved tsu for what it has potential to become. But of course it’s more time to devote to yet another platform so it’s hard to get into.
        But here’s my link there if you want to go check it out. I LOVE how they let you post your photos there – and you can see my gorgeous puppy 😀

  3. Lisa S. says:

    Funny that you mention a blog with a list format. I was in the middle of a debate about the value of a list blog. The general consensus was that the list blogs were uninformative and lacked real meaning. However, I have read reports that suggest list blogs, like “top 5 of anything”, get more readers and more clicks than most other types of blogs. I guess people love lists.

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