Opportunities for children’s book writers, screenwriters, mystery and romance short stories and more.

I love Cindi Myers Market News because she posts helpful calls for submissions which I can then share to my clients and also I can stay in the loop regarding her books.


Effective sharing of news in the industry with a light dose of self promotion that feels a lot more like an update than an in-your-face sales tactic. Perfect mix.

Cindi Myers Market News's Blog

The flesh of prose gets its shape and strength from the bones of grammar.”  Constance Hale


MeeGenius, the number one ap for children’s books, is looking for original manuscripts for young readers ages 2-8. The MeeGenius ap for iPad, Android and other mobile devices delivers illustrated stories to children to read alone or with their parents. The editors at MeeGenius are looking for stories 15 to 20 pages in length, with 20 to 70 words per page. The stories may or may not be illustrated, but the finished book will be illustrated. Stories that include rhyming poems or stories are very popular with MeeGenius readers. They offer a “standard publishing contract” and promise to respond to your submissions within two to four weeks. To learn more about the company, their formatting and submission requirements and more, go here.


Books To Go Now is a digital…

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