How Much Has Book Promotion Changed since 2012?

I found a blog post today through the copyediting and proofreading course that made me realize just how much has changed in the world of book marketing in a few short years. This post was dated from 2012.

Some of the advice was timeless: do what works for you, it can be impossible to know what is effective, a website makes a great landing page.

But some of the advice… well, let’s just say we had to brush off the cave-dust from the archaic idea that Twitter and Facebook might be considered “useless.”

Right now I represent several authors who built their own monumental success using those two tools alone. A. Meredith Walters hit the New York Times Bestselling list via her fans and readers who flock to her through these two tools. Of course, she did write a phenomenal book, too, but that’s not the point.

Another book, which is one I represent, that was release 22 days ago is sitting in the top ten right now on Amazon for all books. Again, it is a wonderful book, but without Twitter and Facebook the word of mouth that has spread like wildfire about these books might not have rocketed to success.

I’m a bit surprised, too, that the author of the post failed to mention Goodreads, which is one of the best tools to reach actual readers. I know it was out before 2012, but perhaps it wasn’t as highly utilized.


One comment on “How Much Has Book Promotion Changed since 2012?

  1. It’s amazing how many people one can reach through Facebook and Twitter these days. People have found out about my blog through those channels and word does spread around!

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