Google + Versus Facebook

I’ve had a Google+ account for a long time it seems, and for a while kept waiting for everyone to join up over there and leave Facebook in the dust. That has yet to happen, and most people I know don’t really post regularly to Google+.


This week during the Social Media course I’ve been using it a bit more and watching a lot of the videos which tell us how to use it effectively and I’m learning that Google+ has some advantages over Facebook that I hadn’t considered, however, it’s probably never going to be the monster that Facebook is simply because it doesn’t allow us to showcase things the way in which we’ve grown so accustomed. Also, who wants to go through all that trouble of moving all their information/pictures/memories over? I know I don’t.

There are some very functional tools that Google+ has that I’ve been using for a few years and these are probably the reason Google+ will hang in there. Hangouts is the biggest one and it can be used in so many ways. I use it for staff meetings with my agents. It’s nice to connect face to face and seem like everyone’s in the same room even though we work all over the country.


You can also use hangouts to stream a live show or seminar. This is something I haven’t yet done, but have considered often when I find myself talking to an author about contract points or payment schedules. It would be a great way to run a seminar and have people tune in.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about it this week is that more people are using Google+ than I thought, and that I really should spend some more time there are really get a handle on everything it can do for me.

How about you? Are you on Google+? If you are, you can find me here.


2 comments on “Google + Versus Facebook

  1. kimberszi says:

    I am with you Michelle. Google+ is a very interesting platform. Full of twists and turns. I spent 2 hours last night reviewing all the material from our course. Lots to learn!

  2. I haven’t played with Hangouts yet, but will have to give it a try! this one might be useful at work as my BA just relocated to Toronto.

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