The Making of a Video for #ADL310

I had an interesting time creating the video in my last post. First, I went from site to site, exploring various platforms that would allow me to make an animated video. I settled on the VideoScribe platform on the recommendation of a classmate, and after trying out Plotagon and not enjoying that experience much.

The video portion was easy and fun to put together, though figuring out the timing was a bit of a learning curve. My problems came when I tried to add a voice recording, because for some reason the headset I use regularly has outlived its usefulness all of a sudden, and gave me horrible sound. I hooked up a webcam with a fantastic mic, and that, too, wasn’t optimal. Perhaps I’m too close to the metal beams in the walls here…

Anyhow, I opted not to use a voice recording, and instead added written comments. I think it turned out okay. Like the podcasts, I think that I would have more fun with a second video now that I have gotten the hang of it.

I did have trouble posting the video, and wasn’t able to post it to the Pod-o-matic site as a video podcast because I had the free trial version and was only able to post to You Tube then blog it from there.

Do any of you use animation software or platforms? I’d love to hear more about the ones you use!


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