We’re having an auction!

SCWWAll of us agents at the Corvisiero Literary Agency and some of our friends are pooling our resources in an effort to help out the South Carolina Writers’ Workshop Conference. I attended their conference in October as a member of faculty and I have since signed two authors that pitched their projects to me there. The pool of talent was amazing and I felt a sense of community and enthusiasm from these folks that blew me away.

When we found out that due to the economy their numbers were down so much that they have a large deficit and need help, we were happy to do whatever we could. Continue reading


The Magic Number – What’s in Your Word Count?

I’ve had so many conversations about word count , and I’ve responded to many queries with a request for the author to add more material to make it marketable, or to edit (in some cases drastically!) to bring the word count within that same range that I thought I would share with you the one magic number. This isn’t the be-all, end-all number, and this isn’t for every author and every genre and every circumstance. But generally speaking, this is the number you’re looking for: Continue reading