Auction Item #12 – Set of Autographed Novels by Michelle L. Johnson and Rue Elliot

One autographed copy of (no longer in print) The Footloose Killer by Michelle L. Johnson, one autographed copy of Guilt Before Innocence by Rue Elliott, both mailed to your door.

For information about the auction, see the original post here.

Please leave bids in comments. Thank you!


I Thriller….A Writer’s Blog: My guest post!

I am over at Stacey Donaghy’s blog, I Thriller… A Writer’s Blog today, guest blogging about character development, and a technique I used to create of my characters Sawyer and Pryce for The Footloose Killer.

Head on over and check it out! And leave a comment – we’d love to hear more techniques that have worked for you with your characters!

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What I Didn’t Know About Book Reviews

In getting ready for the launch of The Footloose Killer, I researched book review sites. I have done a few for Tidewater Women Magazine, and for my blog, but didn’t know the business of book reviews.

There are a few things that I was not aware of that will hurt me this time around. One is that the big review sites will only accept books to review four months prior to release. And they will not accept an electronic file – only an ARC copy.

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Another Announcement

This one is an ever-evolving process I like to call “following the flight of the manuscript.” The completed, edited, revamped and revised manuscript has been submitted . It then found its way into the editor-in-chief, who spent some time with it and put a final polish upon it. Back to me to go through the handful of edits.

Which leaves it now in the hands of… Continue reading