7 Common Writing Wrongs

As an editor, I deal with these things daily and I expect to – after all, they give me a reason to do my job. As an agent, I still see these issues. Sadly, they often give me a reason to decline.

So before you send your work off, give it one last look and keep an eye out for any of these. The cleaner your writing is, the better the chance to have your story read and enjoyed. Continue reading


The Magic Number – What’s in Your Word Count?

I’ve had so many conversations about word count , and I’ve responded to many queries with a request for the author to add more material to make it marketable, or to edit (in some cases drastically!) to bring the word count within that same range that I thought I would share with you the one magic number. This isn’t the be-all, end-all number, and this isn’t for every author and every genre and every circumstance. But generally speaking, this is the number you’re looking for: Continue reading

Genre Isn’t a Dirty Word

I read an article by Alan Jacobs, published in The Atlantic, called A Defense of Stephen King, Master of the Decisive Moment and it resonated me deeply. It also brings to mind a conversation I had with a friend and colleague of mine.

Searching out magazines to submit her (beautifully written) short stories, she came across the rule on most of them: No genre allowed. Not having been exposed to the biased literary world, she asked me – “What is genre, exactly?” Continue reading

I Thriller….A Writer’s Blog: My guest post!

I am over at Stacey Donaghy’s blog, I Thriller… A Writer’s Blog today, guest blogging about character development, and a technique I used to create of my characters Sawyer and Pryce for The Footloose Killer.

Head on over and check it out! And leave a comment – we’d love to hear more techniques that have worked for you with your characters!

Here’s a sneak peek of my post: Continue reading