I thought I would give a shout out to this great, free download – Shareaholic. I use this button several times a day to share links and interesting articles with my friends and fellow writers.

Hassle-free, easy to add software – and never a problem with any sort of spam. I highly recommend this to everyone.




The first time I saw this picture, it stopped me. I mean flat-out stop everything – including breathing – and simply stare. Tears sprang to my eyes and I keenly felt the loss of the surviving soldier, and then was overwhelmed with gratitude for that sacrifice.

Every time I sit at my laptop and begin to write I hope that I can accomplish in words what this artist did in his picture.

Yet sometimes there are no words to convey the thoughts and emotions that pass through me on a day like today. No words strong enough, potent enough.

It has occurred to me though, that it is no small coincidence that Veterans Day comes so close to Thanksgiving Day.

I am thankful.

I will remember.

Organize your story!

I recently downloaded the free version of Storybook, an organizational tool for writing. I poked around on it for a while, but since I am in revisions of one novel and nearly finished a memoir, I thought it would take me forever to plug in all the information.

Then I started to plot out a murder/mystery. My post-its were doing the trick, but I felt like I needed more. Then I remembered Storybook.

I cracked it open, named the novel, and began creating my main characters. With that done, I began outlining, and the program gave me a way to keep track of all the characters, locations and items (clues) in my story. Free software.

When it came time to share my outline with a colleague, I tried to export my files. It told me I had to buy “Storybook Pro” if I wanted to do that.


But I had to admit, the program had given me enough satisfaction that I looked to see how much it was, and was thrilled to find out it was only $32.00 (US).  I bought it immediately, and have been using it since.

I don’t do the actual writing within the program because I prefer Word, but my outline, characters and chapter breakdown are there, easily referenced.

In my opinion, this program was worth every penny. And don’t worry, when you load the new one and it tells you to delete the old version, it doesn’t erase your files.

Highly recommend this tool for anyone looking for a little organization.