Out of this world

Last night was memoir class night, and it was a particularly good one. There were a number of absentees. As a result, the discussion felt like it was not only more intimate, but on a higher level. I left feeling good about the class, and more importantly like I was going to go home and write.

I had a buzz of ideas floating through my head and couldn’t wait to get home to start getting them on ‘paper’.

One step out of the car changed all that. Continue reading


Critiquing do’s and don’ts

As I sit here tonight, mulling over the first chapter of the memoir piece I am working on, I wonder how exactly I have managed to rework it eight or so times, only to decide to go back to the original piece.  I realized that somewhere in all the revisions I lost my voice. Continue reading

Take note! Evernote, free organizational tool

After having seen many writers/authors discuss the importance of note-taking, I was so pleased to stumble upon this free application which allows you to make notes (even from your phone)and store them in different notebooks.
Evernote links up through Twitter and possibly Facebook too, if you like, so it will store all status updates and tweets and you can easily sort them into specific notebooks. Very convenient.

I am thinking of all the times I am out walking, and have a thought… a gem of an idea really… and have nothing to jot it down with. It’s seems to me it is a good solution, and well worth checking out if you need a bit more organization in your life.

My Character keeps interrupting!

The paranormal novel I am working on, Lineage (working title), has me so intrigued and enamored with it. I am really enjoying sitting within it and writing it out, exploring my characters and shaping them.
There is just one problem. One of my characters keeps interrupting me. I will be happily typing along, describing a scene with great intensity, when suddenly Michael will start telling me about a conversation he will have with my main character. Just like that. Out of the blue.

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Coffee Catastrophe 2010 – an update

By some amazing miracle, though saturated with my favorite magic elixir, (coffee), my hard drive and all the documents, stories, pictures, memories, ideas – you know… my EVERYTHING – survived the ordeal. Thanks to a member of the Geeks-On-Call, it is now sitting comfortably, encased in a protective hard shell, and wired in to the computer I have been fortunate enough to borrow. Continue reading